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Heather Gibson

Since the day she was born, Ms. Gibson was born to run and go the distance. Along with her unparalleled commitment and drive to profoundly impact and support her family, community, education, and law, she was a nationally decorated athlete. During her tenure at The University of California, Davis, she was honored as a Four Time “All-American,” (twice in track and twice in cross country). While there, she set her respective college’s Steeplechase Record, was nominated for the Outstanding Leadership Award (The Heitman Trophy), and was voted The MVP of both the track and field and cross country teams. Upon graduation, she opted to try out as a wide-receiver for The Sacramento Sirens, and all-female tackle football team. However, she ultimately decided to further her academic endeavors and attend law school, but still continued to train with “The Nike Farm Team,” to continue building her speed, strength, and agility as a world class track athlete.

At the University of Santa Clara School of Law, she became the President of the Intellectual Property Association, won a scholarship (in part based on her past football experience) and won a “best oral argument” award in her Appellate Advocacy course. Upon graduation, she began working for Burnham Brown, a civil litigation firm based in Oakland, California, and joined an Olympic Development team sponsored by Asics. In 2006, she placed 9th in the Nation at the U.S. outdoor track and field championships, and then went on to compete in International Competition as well as the Olympic Trials in 2008. Ms. Gibson has and will continue to maintain that justice is and should be blind and has been an accomplished and passionate advocate for not only the Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 Corporate Community, but low-income individuals, veterans, women, and minorities. She is a determined and impactful voice and advocate, for those who might not otherwise have one.

Ms. Gibson has continued to compete at an elite level, most recently winning the 2017 “Great Race” from Saratoga to Los Gatos. Her primary, legal focus remains representing clients with “good cause,” as their motivation, specifically, focusing on Civil Litigation and Employment Law. She is deeply passionate about empowering and advocating for both amateur and professional athletes at all stages of their career development, as well as helping them achieve their goals and continuing the protections and opportunities for female athletes, under Title IX.


Sheri “Mac” Macdonald is a life-long competitive athlete, community advocate, and proud graduate from Santa Clara University. She leveraged and utilized the integral qualities she learned as an athlete, passion, drive, resiliency, competitiveness, leadership, teamwork, respect, and motivation to become a globally revered Chief Revenue Officer.

She has a broad-based experience covering a full spectrum of sales and business development duties. She has worked extensively with a substantial number of Fortune 1000 Companies’ C-Suites, startup founders and entrepreneurs, investment capital and band of angel groups, financial institutions, and nonprofits, creating a competitive advantage for: New Business Development, P&L Management, Sales Training and Development, P&L Management, Market Penetration Strategy, Sales Training and Development, High Value Contract Negotiations, Launch Strategy and Execution, Investment Capital, Organizational Restructuring, Executive and Key Account Management, Board Recruitment and Development, and Revenue/Profit Growth/Scaling The Revenue Engine.

She has extensive experience working with numerous players, owners, and foundations in all the professional sporting leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, WNBA) and The NCAA, as well as creating hundreds of Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Investment, and Leadership Summits, music festivals, athletic, corporate, and benefit events.

She thrives on creating ecosystems of entrepreneurship, economic development, empowerment, and enlightenment for women and minority groups.


Samantha Santana has over 16 years of experience in People/Business Operations, with a comprehensive skill set and experience that focuses on: Acquisition/Management, Labor Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Executive Coaching and Training, Qualitative Business Analysis, Risk Management, and Compensation. Samantha has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to numerous nonprofits for the last 20 years, actively creating, supporting, and working on various fundraising, marketing (utilizing her ability to be bilingual has enabled her to scale efforts into the monumental Latinx Emerging Market Share), event, and staffing campaigns and programs.

Samantha’s passion for business, community, and athletics became an integral part of both her professional and personal life, upon graduating college. She is especially dedicated to ensuring athletes not only have lucrative professional careers and legacies, but that they have the opportunities to: be empowered and educated on financial sustainability and literacy, are able to scale the revenue engine for their respective businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, continue to have post retirement endorsements, speaking engagements, and appearances, and continue to be involved as active pillars in their communities.

After founding The Legacy Group in 2015, she has continued to scale and implement all of the aforementioned practices for current and retired progressional and competitive male and female athletes into Santana Sports Management.